July, 2013


Interview with Philippe Jorion: “Is There a Cost to Transparency?”

In early 2013 the CFA Institute announced Philippe Jorion and Rajesh K. Aggarwal won the Graham and Dodd scroll award from Financial Analysts Journal for their paper, “Is There a Cost to Transparency?” An in-depth interview with Professor Jorion appears in the June 2013 issue of The Analyst, the member bulletin of the CFA Society Toronto.  Below are a few of the statements from the course of the interview. Q: What is your principal area of research? PJ:  Ever since I discovered the field of finance, I have had long-standing interests in topics such as portfolio construction and risk management.  […]

Basel III and Beyond: Part 2. Real-Time Counterparty Risk

“Implementing the CVA is a journey with great expectations,” said James Zante, Product Manager for Integrated Market and Credit Risk at IBM Risk Analytics. He was the second of two speakers on the topic of counterparty risk assessment. He presented a real-life case to a GARP webinar audience on June 27, 2013. CVA refers to a new capital charge, the credit valuation adjustment brought in as part of the Basel III regulations. The CVA plays an important role in the optimization of credit capital, said Zante. At one extreme, the trades cleared through the clearinghouse may be considered “risk free,” […]

Basel III and Beyond: Part 1. Optimization with On-Demand Risk Insights

“The capital consumption of credit counterparty risk has become an issue for banks,” said Rita Gnutti, Head of Internal Model Market and Counterparty Risk at Intesa Sanpaolo. She was the first of two speakers addressing the impact of regulatory developments on counterparty risk assessment. She spoke to a webinar audience arranged by the Global Association of Risk Professionals on June 27, 2013. Gnutti first outlined the new Basel III regulatory framework of credit counterparty risk (CCR), then she described its calculation using internal model methodology (IMM), and third she described the computing and back-testing of CCR carried out by her […]