March, 2014


Fixing Broken Windows 4. Reducing Exposure To Investigations

“Staff training on policies and procedures is critical,” said Luke Cadigan, “to reduce exposure to insider trading investigations.” Cadigan, a partner in the Government Enforcement Group at law firm K&L Gates, was the final speaker in a four-part webinar on “Fixing Broken Windows” organized by GARP on March 11, 2014. Cadigan emphasized the message of the past three speakers, namely, that the Securities and Exchange Commission has become much more focussed on catching financial wrongdoing—from the lowest levels up. Investigations take time and effort and can be costly, thus, firms “want to convince the SEC staff there’s nothing there they […]

Fixing Broken Windows 3. Operation Perfect Hedge

The past seven years of Operation Perfect Hedge have been a “whirlwind,” said David Chaves, Securities Program Coordinator of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was the third speaker in the four-part webinar panel on March 11, 2014, “Fixing the Financial Industry’s Broken Windows,” sponsored by GARP. The undercover operation was born in 2007, amid the confluence of several factors that produced the financial crisis. At the time, there were a couple of “pump and dump” schemes but the FBI “couldn’t put anyone in,” Chaves said. Two individuals were identified by the Securities and Exchange Commission through market analysis. “Those […]

Fixing Broken Windows 2: How to be there when you’re not really there

“With only 4200 employees, the SEC must rely on force multipliers”, said Valerie Szczepanik, Assistant Director of the Asset Management Unit, Division of Enforcement, Securities and Exchange Commission. She was the second of four panellists at the GARP webinar “Fixing the Financial Industry’s Broken Windows” held on March 11, 2014. SEC Chair Mary Jo White has emphasized the SEC must be everywhere and appear to be everywhere, said Szczepanik, who outlined six factors helping the SEC carry out its mission in the face of increasing complexity in the financial world. The SEC is increasing its collaboration with other regulators and […]

Fixing Broken Windows 1. Game Changers and Whistleblowers

There is renewed focus on “pursuing small violations to prevent a culture where laws are not viewed as toothless guidelines,” said Amy Poster, Director for Risk and Regulatory Advisory Services at C & A Consulting LLC. She was the opening speaker in a four-part webinar panel titled “Fixing the Financial Industry’s Broken Windows” sponsored by GARP on March 11, 2014. Poster opened with a quote from a speech by Mary Jo White, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair: “The theory is that when a window is broken and someone fixes it – it is a sign that disorder will not be […]

8 Things About a Winning Team

“Our firm is kind of like a teaching hospital,” said Kim Shannon, President, Founder and CIO of Sionna Investment Managers. The second part of her presentation to the CFA Society Toronto at the National Club on March 5, 2014, described what she looks for in her employees, and how the team works. Below are eight insights on selecting and retaining top talent. Grow their own – Shannon noticed early on that the most successful investment firms grew their own talent, namely, they hired junior employees and trained them over a period of years for senior positions. Greed is not good – […]

The Value Proposition

“I believe financial statements are as much marketing documents as statements of fact,” said Kim Shannon, President, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sionna Investment Managers. She was addressing a crowd of analysts and financial managers at a breakfast meeting organized by the CFA Society Toronto on March 5, 2014, in the historic National Club. The first part of Shannon’s presentation tied in directly with her new book, The Value Proposition. Shannon wrote 80 pages of the first draft, and then stopped while she established the company and guided it through the next decade (which included the 2008 financial crisis). Years […]