Over the past six years, Jaime Widder, Sales Manager at Bloomberg LP, has seen an evolution in his clients with respect to the data they seek from social media. “At first, they just wanted to look at social media information on clients. Now, portfolio managers want to know how to list securities and track social velocity.” Widder was the fourth panellist (of four) to address the topic “The Impact of Social Media on the Investment Process” at a CFA Toronto Society gathering held in the gallery of the TMX Broadcast Centre on the evening of May 21, 2014.

For clients who feel overwhelmed on Twitter, or are simply “new to the space,” Widder recommends a few basic names to follow, such as Carl Icahn, “whose tweets cause markets to move.” Widder suggested choosing “Light Flow” of Twitter news on Bloomberg for starters. On a user’s watchlist of stocks, they have the ability to add “Event Notification” which includes Social Velocity, Major News, Press Releases, etc. Those icons will appear to the left of a company’s ticker.

Moderator Eric Lam asked for advice for the audience on social media. Widder was enthusiastic and noted that “some offices have everyone on it, sharing things.” He said his preferred platform was LinkedIn. “It’s a way of sparking conversations.”

Reiterating the evening’s theme of empowerment, Widder said that, thanks to social media, direct conversation can occur between a company’s executives and customers or investors. He cited recent interactions on Cinnabon and Tesla Motors as positive examples.

Widder sees social media growing in importance to the investment process because “they can engage right away.” ª


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