operational risk

Shifting Energy Markets

How are strategic priorities in energy markets shifting? What are the risk management implications? “Geopolitical risks have worsened and technological innovation is causing more disruption,” said Medy Agami, senior partner and vice-chairman at Ben-Roz and Associates and co-founder of the consulting firm Opimas. He was the sole presenter of the webinar “Energy Market Strategy and Risk Playbook: How to prosper amid a wave of disruptive innovation, geopolitical uncertainty, market volatility & exponentially growing risk landscape in 2018 & beyond” sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) on August 7, 2018. “There are five main forces acting on fundamentally shifting markets,” […]

Geopolitical Risk

What’s with Russia and cyber-hacking? How did it happen, and why? Geopolitical risk threatens the very fundamentals of market stability and the world order. The Global Association of Risk Professionals treated its members to a “big picture” risk topic during the webinar on November 1, 2017. Former senior US intelligence officer Jack Thomas Tomarchio, who is now a principal with the Agoge Group, LLC, described the current geopolitical risk due to Russian cyber-attacks. “Russia was declared to be responsible for leaks at the Democratic National Convention in 2016,” Tomarchio said. “The DNC is supposed to be neutral, but the leaks […]

Central Clearing Design

If you had to design a central clearinghouse for transactions in financial markets, what size of guarantees should be offered? And what percentage fees should be charged? “The central clearing modifies the market,” said Andreea Minca, “because the old network structure [of one-to-one] is changing to a new ‘star’ structure.” Minca is Assistant Professor at the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University and was the sole presenter at the December 6, 2016, webinar on systemic risk and central clearing design to members of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Under new US legislation, all over-the-counter […]

Avoid Jekyll and Hyde

Accurate price determination for commodities means that data must be gathered, processed and analyzed. What, then, are current best practices for data management? “Organizations are beginning to recognize their current solutions are no longer meeting current needs,” said Michal Peliwo, Vice President of Business Solutions at ZE PowerGroup.  He was the third and final speaker at a webinar on August 24, 2016, sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, titled “The Price is Right? Strategies for Market Discovery & Optimum Pricing Challenges.” Peliwo described the fragmented world of data management as it exists at most companies. “MS Excel is […]

Optimum Price a Moving Target

How was risk-taking originally priced, and has this changed over time? Centuries ago, mercantile economies used to pool risk for the trading ships that were sent out. Over time, this “big chunk risk” has given way to increasingly more precise ways of determining risk, and is now down to individual financial transactions. “Pricing is the centre of gravity of this operation,” said Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst at The Bloor Group. “For every product theoretically there is an optimum price.” Beginning with this historical comparison, he was the first of three speakers at a webinar on August 24, 2016, sponsored by […]

Fast Turnaround of Complex Math

Imagine you are driving your brand-new mini-van, the latest Drake album cranked on high, the windshield wipers at top tempo, and the heater keeping things toasty. You go to switch the headlights to high-beam—and you are suddenly hit by the unmistakable odour of melting circuits…. Not a happy situation. It’s one that automotive designers the world over try to avoid by extensive testing of many different usage scenarios. Problem-solving tools have dramatically changed the way engineers advance their knowledge, for financial, automotive, chemical, and other sectors. Many products and technologies we take for granted—such as the electronic circuitry in a […]

Worst Case Analysis Made Easy

Can symbolic computing improve real-world design? Definitely yes, according to the product development team at the automotive firm Delphi. “Each time the circuits were changed, the electrical equations changed. We turned to symbolic computing so that we could quickly deal with design changes,” said Michael G. McDermott, Senior Development Engineer at Delphi. He was the second speaker in a webinar on May 25, 2016, titled “How Far Can Your Math Knowledge Go?” Lights, heating, movies for kids in the back to watch… Over time, vehicles have come to have more and more elaborate electronics. These can lead to unpredictable stresses […]

Three-Way Damage

Do you remember that cute VW video, “The Force”? The one where the little boy, dressed up as Darth Vader, can’t get a reaction from anyone or anything, even his dog, when he tries his super-powers on them? Then, Dad drives up in his VW Passat and the Vader-wannabe is, magically, able to get the lights to flash. The camera pans to parents looking out the window. Dad gives a conspiratorial grin as he clicks the remote control. On September 18, 2015, world markets were rocked by news that Volkswagen had knowingly falsified its emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides. The […]

What is Key to Integrating Op Risk?

“It’s critical to unite multiple perspectives on risk,” said Brenda Boultwood, Senior Vice President at MetricStream, “even though approaches to risk and compliance can be very different” throughout an organization. Boultwood was the second of two speakers at a webinar on operational risk held on August 27, 2015, sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. A common framework will require standard taxonomies, common definitions, and consistent risk assessment across a company, said Boultwood. She sketched out an integrated enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, in which all types of risk share a common hierarchy, common business processes, and a common […]

Is it OpRisk? or Business Risk?

Operational risk has figured prominently in the business news this summer:  a lightning storm destroyed cloud data stored by Google, and a cyber-hack of dating website Ashley Madison breached confidentiality of 33 million accounts. Are companies addressing operational risk the best way possible? What is called operational risk may in fact have its roots in business risk, according to Mike Finlay, Chief Executive of RiskBusiness International. He was the first of two speakers at a webinar on operational risk held on August 27, 2015, sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. For example, the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster in […]